Name:  Wen-Hao Wu 吳文豪 

Brief Biography

   I was born in 1985 at Taoyuan. When I was a child , I liked the biology very much. In this reason , now I joint the Micro-Systems and Control Laboratory (MSCL) in 2007.The Lab is in Institute of Power Mechanical Engineering at National Tsing Hua Universty. MSCL is famous on  cell's pattern and  chemical gradient . I wish one day I will create an Bio's lab on a chip device to study how the cell's function working. this is my future goals.

     I like music and   sports. For music, I can play the Saxphone, the tone color is so fascinated me, so I enjoy the Saxphone music. And sports, I like swimming , playing basketball. But I am not pretty well in this sports. If you want to teach me, I would like learn it.


2001~2003  B.S.

Nationl Chung-Li high school ,Taiwan

2003~2007  B.S.

Department of Mechanical Engineering , CYME, Taiwan



Research Advisor: Cheng-Hsien Liu, Ph.D.

  National Tsing Hua University

   Department of Power Mechanical Engineering


     Micro-Systems and Control Lab




                                                                                               Engineering Building #1, Room 405
                                                                                National Tsing-Hua University
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