Cheng-Hsien Liu Faculty
Po-Chen Shih Director of Sproutrum Inc. Starting up Sproutrum Company
Ph.D. Student in PME Cell fusion Chip
Yu-Shih Chen Ph.D. Student in NEMS Hepatocyte on a Chip
Mu-Shou Chen Ph.D. Student in PME reproduction on a chip
Madhu Shree Poddar Ph.D. Student in NEMS
Danish Ali Ph.D. Student in NEMS
Yu-Chen Chen Ph.D. Student in PME
Shalaka Bhosale
Master Student in PME reproduction on a chip
Yu-Shuang Lee
Master Student in PME sepsis analyse
Chieh-An Jean
Master Student in PME lung cancer on a chip
Fan-Yun Huang
Master Student in PME drug screen on a chip
He-Jhen Hong
Master Student in PME liver on a chip
Chia-Ming Hsu
Master Student in PME
Tsung-Ting Tsai
Master Student in PME
Pin-Tzu Lai
Master Student in PME
Shih-Jui Huang
Master Student in PME
Yi-Ying Liang
Master Student in PME
Yi-Hsiang Lin
Master Student in PME


Kevin Tang Boston University Null
Zhao-Liang Yang Huazhong University of Science & Technology OptoElectro Tweezer
Liou-Li Lanzhou University OptoElectro Tweezer


Shih-Chi Chan Neuro Probe Array 核能研究所研發工程師
Chieh Chang Bio-objects Manipulation Device SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory(US) (Ph.D. from ME, UC Berkeley)
Jer-Wei Chang Micro Optical Attenuator To be checked
Pei-Yu Chang Reproduction on Chip 應用材料
Wen-Yu Chang    Bio-Chip 創見資訊技術支援
Tzu-Yu Chao EOF Array Manipulation United Microelectronics Corporation
Chia-Cheng Chen Electrofusion 奇美電子 (LCD/CF整合工程師 null
Chien-Yu Chen Micro Liver Bioreactor Nissan
Hung-Po Chen Cell Fusion on Chip ASUS華碩電腦股份有限公司
Rong-Jhe Chen Liver Lab Chip Foxconn
Tsan-I Chen DEP Cell Separation Chip 華亞科技 自動搬運設備課經理 null
Chi-Fan Chen Reproduction on Chip GUC 創意電子
Jen-Pin Chen Cell fusion Chip 亞太優勢
Ming-yan Chen Liver Lab Chip 亞太優勢
Tse-Shao Chen Lung Lab Chip 矽品精密工業
Chih-Ming Cheng Electrolysis-Bubble-Actuated Micropump for Direct-methanol fuel cells 台灣鐵路局 null
Shu-Jen Cheng Photonic Crystal Waveguide ASML  (客戶技援工程師 null
Chia-Fang Chiang Electrostatic Microactuator Design Apple (US) (Ph.D. from ME, Stanford Univ.)
Pei-Yin Chi Cell Patterning Sinica null
Chung-Kuang Chin Liver Lab Chip 冠群國際專利商標事務所
Ching-Hua Chiu (110) Comb Type Microscanner TSMC ( (PhD from NCTU) null
Sheng-Hung Chiu Micro pump 工程顧問公司
Yi-Hsun Chiu Tunable Photonic Crystal TSMC ( 元件開發工程師
Kuang-Han Chu Manipulation of Bio-particles by DEP Intel at Phonix(US) (Ph.D. from ME, MIT)
Ya-Ju Chu Liver Lab Chip AUO(友達光電股份有限公司
Kuo-Hao Fan Chiang Rotary Optical Switching Micromirror 友達廣輝 null
Tz-Shiuan Da Liver Lab Chip R&D Engineer at 鑫晶鑽科技
Ngoc-Duy Dinh Electrokinetic Sorting To be checked
Song-En Gong Liver Cells Bio-Chip + Chemical Gradien Texas Instruments Taiwan
Chen-Ta Ho Micro T-switch Sorting Device 亞太優勢 研發部主任工程師
Wen-Chio Ho OEW To be checked
Ko-Wei Hsu Cells Separator With Optical Tweezer To be checked null
Chih-Chiang Hu   Liver Lab Chip
Kou-Chuan Huang Chemical Gradient Generator 友達光電 null
Meng-Yen Ku OptoElectro Tweezer and Sorting
Ching-Te Kuo Electrokinetic Micropump Postdoc at NTU (PhD from Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University) null
Chia-Tung Lee Liver Lab Chip FIME
Chung-Yu Lee Micropumps Foxconn
Ciou-Wun Lin Liver Lab Chip 亞太優勢
Wen-Hao Lin (110) Comb Type Microscanner 奇偶科技
Bang-Chih Liu Single Cell Manipulation Bio-Chip SUNPLUS 凌陽電子, Digital and Analog TV Development
Cheng-Hsiang Liu Microactuator for the Manipulation of Biological Objects Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. – SPIL  矽品精密
Tang-Yan Lo Bio-objects Manipulation Array controller 私立育德工業家事職業學校設備組長)
Chung-Huan Lu Cell fusion Chip MTK 聯發科技
Ming-Cheng Shih Micropump
Ting-Chen Shih DEP Cell Sorting Chip United Microelectronics Corporation – UMC  聯華電子, Process Engineering Integration null
Yung-Yu  Shiu Lung Lab Chip Fiti 天鈺科技
Shilpas Micro Bioreactor Postdoc at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Srinivasu Micro Bioreactor To be checked
Chien-Wei Song Micro Fluid System Qisda
Yi-Chen Su DEP Cell Manipulation Chip 晨星半導體 品質保證工程師 null
Han-Sheng Tsai Cells Separator Uing DEP N’ Channel  Solid Geometry ASE
Ching-Chen Tu Rotational Optical Switch TEMIC
Chen-Kuo Tung Hepatocyte on a Chip
Guo-Dian Wang Micro Flowcytometry 國瑞汽車股份有限公司
Yao-Chen Wang Tunable Photonic Crystal TSMC () (PhD from Institute of Electronics, NTHU) null
Chen-Wei Wu Liver Bioreactor To be checked
Hsin-Yu Wu A Novel Electrokinetic Micromixer and Manipulation of Bio-particles by AC Electrokinetics The NUS Graphene Research Centre (Ph.D. from EE, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Jing-Yang Wu Biophotonics Foxconn
Te-Ling Wu 2D Thermal Microscanner Mom in US null
Wen-Hao Wu Cell Microfluidic Chip &nbsp
Sang-Chung Yang  Liver Lab Chip Delta
Shih-Mo Yang OptoElectro Tweezer Postdoc at Hong Kong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Yu-Sheng Yang Pitch tunable blaze grating 大地光纖
Chia-He Yeh EOF for Cell Sorting To be checked
Yen-Yi Yeh Liquid switch valve 微邦科技 null
Tung-Ming Yu OptoElectro Tweezer Somnics, Inc.
Ting-Ru Yueh Reproduction on Chip TSMC
Cheng-Hao Chin Lung Lab Chip Pegatron Corporation
Chia-Yu Wu OptoElectro Tweezer foxconn
Ting-An Chou Kidney Lab Chip
Yi-Jung Sung Reproduction on Chip Kyoto University
Kuo-Wei Chang Lung Lab Chip/Reproduction on Chip
Hsin-Hsiang Lo
OptoElectro Tweezer  Coretronic Corporation
Tushar Lung Lab Chip  UMC
Wei-Jiun Lin
Hepatocyte on a Chip Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology
Yi-Liang Chiu
Lung Lab Chip ASUS
Tzu-Wei Lo
Reproduction on Chip
Bo-Jyun Chang
Kidney Lab Chip
Ting-Sheng Shih
OptoElectro Tweezer
Tsu-Yi Yeh
liver on a chip University of Toronto
Chih-Hao Huang
Reproduction on Chip
Ling-Yi Ke Cell Culture with DEP/Hydrogels
Min-Xiang Dong Lung Lab Chip
Chung-Wei Huang OptoElectro Tweezer
Chung-hsian lu Agglutination study
Yen-Ling Chen Kid on a chip
Sung Chun Hui Lung on a chip
Chung-Yu Chou Sepsis analyse